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Simply Succulent
Simply Succulent

Simply Succulent
Welcome to the wonderful world of succulents!
Member of the CSSA (Cactus and Succulent Society of America)

Simply Succulent is a specialty nursery open year round located in Fort Bragg, CA. Most of the 35,000 plants are propagated on site and there are very small to very large water thrifty succulents, grasses and other drought tolerant companion plants in a wide variety of colors and textures. The nursery is owner operated by Rella, a 40 year resident on the Mendocino coast.

Simply Succulent HAS MOVED! Come see our new location, now located at 31250 Highway 20. (See map below) 1.8 miles east of HWY One on the north side of the street. Park in the rear since the nursery is on the back acre.

SIMPLY SUCCULENT Reviews from Customers!

simply succulent Fort Bragg 5 stars

Simply Succulent, Review
I so enjoyed 2 great visits to this charming succulent nursery on a recent stay on the Mendocino coast.
The friendly owner of Simply Succulent is Rella and she is as enthusiastic about her plant specialty as one can be. She is a great source of information and planting advice.
Rella has a big inventory of succulents which includes great aeoniums, lots of beautiful dudleyas, huge flowering epiphyllums, lots of crassulas, aloes, agaves as well as exceptional sempervivums and absolutely incredible sedums of so many colorful varieties! I have never seen such a great selection! I was gaga over her sedums! I brought home 3 trays of her plants back to the Bay Area.
Even Ray Stephenson author of Sedum: Cultivated Stonecrops, visited her great nursery and so enjoyed her huge selection. She has obtained some very hard if not impossible sedums to find elsewhere thru this contact as well as an international sedum group membership. The beautiful colors, amazing textures and amazing variety will make you go nuts for sedums! Beware! Sedum collecting can be an addictive habit.
Simply Succulent also carries great succulent companion plants such as cactus, yucca, agave, nolina, puya, and phormiums among others as well as a bunch of pots. Also there are already planted up succulent pot gardens which are great as gifts or just to look at to get ideas for your own creation! She also sells her own potting soil that her succulents sure seem to thrive in.
The owner is starting a plants for rent service too for parties and weddings! She had some that were so incredible that I tried to bribe her to allow me to buy them but she would not budge. She said she needed them to rent out! BOOOO! True story!
I found her plants being sold at other local nurseries as well as the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens too. I kept seeing ones I had never seen before so I bought them all over much to my husband's chagrin.

" Kelly M."
San Leandro, CA ~ YELP
simply succulent Fort Bragg

simply succulent Fort Bragg 5 stars

Simply Succulent, Review
Oh my gosh - we stumbled upon this place because we saw this tiny sign that said "Succulent Nursery".
Your jaw will drop when you go there. She has the most amazing variety of succulents - 10K is no joke. I loved the little demo garden - you can really see what you can do with succulents.
The owner is down to earth, informative, no pressure, friendly and obviously does a fantastic job with her plants. The prices are reasonable. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

" Jeanette Z."
Alameda, CA ~ YELP
simply succulent Fort Bragg

simply succulent Fort Bragg 5 stars

Simply Succulent, Review
Based upon the first reviewer's suggestion, we went here on our most recent vacation to the Mendocino area, and brought home some awesome plants! Rella (the owner) is super friendly, and obviously loves what she does. As soon as we arrived she gave us a brief welcome and tour which was just enough to get us started without being pushy, and then left us to wander about.
The variety of succulents is incredible, with a ton that i had never seen anything like before! They were all clearly marked with care instructions and the preferred environments, and we got more information as we checked out.
Even if you're not in the market, this is a cool place to go and check out if you're already heading up north past glass beach!!

Jenni S.
Oakland, CA ~ Yelp ~
simply succulent Fort Bragg

simply succulent Fort Bragg 5 stars

Simply Succulent, Review
I'm mad about succulents, so when I randomly found this place by following little signs with arrows that read "Succulent Nursery" I nearly passed out. There are no fewer than 10,000 succulents on the property, from gigantic Semperivium tectorum (hen and chicks) to teeny miniature sedum (pork and beans).
It's almost like being on another planet or something--these crazy plants are laid out like carpet in the main area of the nursery, and white tents house the less hardy but more exotic varieties. The owner is really affable and very enthusiastic about the plants, and would be more than happy to answer your questions. Going to this place feels a lot like hanging out in a neighbor's garden--no pressure, no fuss, just a hell of a lot of plants to browse through and friendly company to boot.
I adopted a couple of little guys during my visit--interestingly enough, a week before I dropped in at Simply Succulents, I saw the same two varieties at a retail store and they cost probably five times as much as the ones I bought. This is definitely the place to stock up on succulents for anything from a big landscaping project to a humble little apartment garden.

Stephanie S.
Palo Alto, CA ~ Yelp ~
simply succulent Fort Bragg

Simply Succulent! Locally owned and operated since 1995, you'll find a succulent specialty nursery on the Mendocino Coast. Offering everything from grand Agaves to thumbnail sized plants. Some can handle life outdoors in any situation, others are happier as houseplants with occasional forays into the out of doors.

Her mom tells Rella that before she could walk she crawled into the garden and sat transfixed by a Semperivium tectorum (commonly known as hen and chicks). Fifty years later, Rella is still amazed by the plants symmetrical beauty. When the path opened to develop a nursery in the late 80s, succulents seemed a perfect choice for Rella's nursery.

Located a few miles north of Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast. Now renting plants and centerpieces for special occasions.

Over 35,000 Succulent Plants in Inventory!

Simply Succulent


31250 Highway 20
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10 AM-5 PM through SEPT

Open Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon
10 AM - 3 PM.

Simply Succulent has MOVED. Now located at 31250 Highway 20. 1.8 miles east of HWY 1 on the north side of the street. Park in the rear since the nursery is on the back acre. | ©1998 - 2024 | MENDOCINO, Inc.