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Congratulations, you're getting married in Mendocino! While it's true that your wedding day will be one of the happiest days of your life, good planning will help insure that! Perfect Mendocino Weddings require important decisions. Start with answering these three questions to help narrow your search:
  • What's your style?...Simple ~ Elegant
  • How many guests will come?...Intimate ~ Elaborate
  • And of course budget!...Small ~ Extravagant
Once you know these, it makes the next steps much easier.
Mendocino Wedding
mendocino wedding locations
Now that you've determined your Style, Size & $$ - Your next and maybe most important decision will be, where? Look for locations that best fit your budget, style and guest list.
It's important to note that the availability of your favorite Mendocino wedding location might even determine your wedding date. Beautiful locations book-up well in advance! If you have a specific place or date in mind, it's best to reserve your favorite VINEYARD, Historic MENDOCINO CHURCH or Elegant MENDOCINO INN as quickly as possible, to insure you get your favorite location.
Mendocino Wedding
Mendocino Wedding Resorts
The latest trend in Mendocino weddings is a weekend of Wedding Celebrations! These Mendocino Resorts specialize in memorable Mendocino "Weekend Weddings" that last throughout the weekend. From rehearsal dinners, your Wedding and Reception, Day Spa facilities, Honeymoon Suites, Guest Lodging (then your guests are centrally located for the festivities!

TIP....Sound overwhelming? You might consider hiring a WEDDING COORDINATOR, especially if you live out-of-town.

Mendocino Wedding
Mendocino wedding professionals
Now that you know the date and location of your wedding, you need to finalize your guest list and book your wedding professionals.
Your wedding style is influenced by your MUSIC, DECORATIONS & FLOWERS as much as your DRESSES, HAIR & RINGS.

TIP....Start breaking in your wedding shoes for a few hours whenever possible, to insure they're comfortable. | ©1998 - 2016 | MENDOCINO, Inc.