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Silvers at the Wharf Restaurant

Mendocino is well known for it's world-class cuisine. In large part to the talented chefs of Mendocino. Most are Mom and Pop's with an extraordinary curiosity and love for authentic ingredients.

Top Tip: Reservations are recommended to insure a table is available for you.

Meet the Award-Winning Chefs of Mendocino

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Silvers at the Wharf Restaurant
Silver Canul, co-owner and Executive Chef, has an extensive background in French Cuisine, the food of his Mayan heritage, and Southeast Asian cooking through the Culinary Institute of Art at Greystone. Local seafood and continental favorites are featured on both the lunch and dinner menus as well as the increasingly popular lounge menu.
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Little River Inn
It's difficult to say which is better, their deliciously fresh food or the friendly service. Or the mind-blowing desserts, amazing seasonal specialties and a spectacular wine list all served under the loving, if entirely extraordinary, supervision of master chef Marc Dym. Who, also serves killer breakfasts and brunches with all the good stuff done just to order.
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Cafe Beaujolais
Owner/Executive Chef David LaMonica oversees all points of service and quality. Café Beaujolais' cooking concept starts by acquiring only the finest ingredients and organic local produce, to bring you the best, this world has to offer. Prepared in a simple yet innovative style to reveal the natural flavors of each dish.
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Ravens' Restaurant
Head Chef, Sadhana Berkow not only oversees the award-winning restaurant at Stanford Inn, she also teaches classes that show you how to create wholesome ingredients into delicious dishes.
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Black Point Grill at Sea Ranch Lodge
Chef Chris Mortenson has over 30 years experience in the restaurant hospitality business. He has traveled extensively in central Mexico and considers the cuisine to be one of his primary culinary influences. Chris, grew up in California and considers himself a "total fish guy" and enjoys eating food that's minimally processed. Having lived and cooked all over the west, from Texas to Seattle to Las Vegas, Chef Chris is still continually inspired by the abundance of ingredients that Sonoma County has to offer. Chris demonstrates this vision by changing menus throughout the year as the harvest yield their excellence.

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